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Cshel on Webmaster Radio’s Rush Hour

Yesterday afternoon, I chatted with Neil Patel and Cameron Olthius on their WMR show “Rush Hour” about how to leverage social media marketing to get traffic for my city guide, Lafayette Online. It was an interesting conversation because I don’t think, in general, there would be tons of interest in the goings on in Greater […]...
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Does RSS equal implicit permission to reprint?

There’s a fun debate happening right this very second on chat where people are arguing over whether or not the existence of an RSS feed is the same as implicitly granting permission to anyone and everyone to republish your work. Personally, I’m on the fence on the morality of the issue. It’s wrong and […]...
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Changing the WHOIS Service isn’t necessary

The Generic Names Supporting Organization’s final Whois Task Force report (something like 2 years in the making) recommends that ICANN restrict the amount of contact information publicly available via the whois service, and completely do away with technical and administrative contacts in favor of an “Operational Point of Contact”, or OPoC, in an effort to […]...
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Firefox plugins I can’t live without

My new position has a thoroughly entertaining “new software” requisition process that I have to go through to get stuff installed on my laptop (because marketing types don’t get to have admin privs on their own machines). The process is three different forms, six weeks of wait time, and countless iterations of revised justifications. I […]...

Google is NOT a spell checker

My daughter’s “computer class” teacher instructed the children to type words into Google when they weren’t sure about the correct spelling, and if Google doesn’t come back with a “Did you mean…” and offer an alternate spelling, then obviously the word was spelled correctly. I discovered this while I was proof reading my daughter’s essay. […]...