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Rush Hour Recap for Wednesday, May 2

I meant to post this yesterday, but alas, work-work gets in the way sometimes. So yesterday, Cameron and I (sans Neil due to a schedule conflict) discussed: the Great DiggNation Revolt other social media services/sites worth adding to one’s arsenal and tips and advice for exploiting leveraging them my adventure last week getting to the […]...
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MySpace Tom mistaken for Internet Pervert

I was talking with a friend yesterday who was freaking out about his step-daughter’s new MySpace account. Apparently, the daughter had only had the account open for the afternoon and already there was “some 31 year old man” trying to pick her up. Me: How do you know there’s a 31 year old man trying […]...
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WordPress theme fixed. Yay.

Fixing my old theme was pretty easy now that I’ve actually *done* it, and I’m glad I went back to the old one. I feel bad about procrastinating all weekend, but finding a new theme was making me crazy and I just wasn’t up for futzing with it. So how did I fix it? Much […]...
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Why Frames Are Evil

Dave Brown and Brian Mark of Beginning SEO Podcast have posted a new segment today explaining what frames are, the difference between frames and iframes, and why they’re just generally a bad idea. I got to chime in with some comments and also share my experience with one of the few *actually* useful applications for […]...