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T-17 days from SES San Jose. Order your business cards NOW.

We’re less than 3 weeks out from SES San Jose, Aug. 18-22. If you’re running low on business cards, or you need new ones printed with updated contact info/title/etc, get on that PRONTO! I know I go through business cards like water goes through a sieve at conferences, so make sure you’re well stocked and […]...
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Cshel’s SES Chicago and PubCon plans

I had originally planned on being in Vegas from December 2 (Sunday) through December 8 (the following Saturday); however, my plans were “modified” due to a “situation” and as a result, I will be in Chicago until December 5 (Wednesday) and miss the first two days of PubCon. While this sort of sucks, because I […]...
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SEO 101 from SES San Jose

Brian Mark, Dave “NeO” Brown and I podcasted SEO 101 live from the Webmaster Radio booth on the exhibit floor at Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2007 yesterday (Wednesday, August 22nd). Listen or download the archive of SEO 101 Podcast Live from San Jose here. Our guests included Dave Davies from Beanstalk Search Positioning, Curtis […]...

SES San Jose Day 1 Recap

There are seriously a metric TON of people here for the show. After SMX Advanced in Seattle (what like 500 ppl max?) and then SES Latino in Miami (maybe 500?), this feels almost overwhelming. Lots of suits here, too. I used to be one of the business attire people at the shows, but walking around […]...

Work, Conference and Podcast Schedule

First off, I’d like to apologize for not keeping up with the blogging lately. I’m hip deep in rebuilding a very large website at the moment, and there have been some issues that have cropped up with the programming that might get in the way of the August 29th (failure-is-not-an-option) deadline. So I’ve been traveling […]...