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How well does the Google algo catch spamdexers?

First off, I’m not picking on Google. I’m not, okay? I’m just puzzled, and so I’m asking some questions. For all the talk lately about how awesome the algo has become at catching and stopping duplicate content, determining a site’s overall theme, evaluate (and factor in) the quality of the links, etc. I’ve come across […]...
In-House SEO

In/Outbound Link Management for the In-House Crowd

I am pretty much the entire extent of the newly created web services department for an old (~80 years old) , privately held manufacturing company. As I’m hip deep in a complete overhaul of our primary site, I haven’t had the luxury of digging into the seo issues very much, but one of the things […]...
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Recap of the May 9th Rush Hour

Yesterday on Rush Hour, Neil, Cameron and I discussed Neil’s new blog QuickSprout, MySpace’s acquisition of PhotoBucket, Ebay’s impending acquisition of StumbleUpon, HotOrNot changing it’s business model, the differences in community culture and behavior between the various social sites and how understanding those differences helps you more effectively leverage those services, and we also chatted […]...

Mostly healthy again, yay!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I got out of the hospital late on Saturday. They switched me off the intravenous antibiotics to a pill form, so they didn’t need to keep me. The ear is almost 100% better. I can hear again (yay!) and it’s not hot and doesn’t hurt (also yay!). No […]...

Blogging from the hospital

I got home last night from work and noticed that my left ear felt all hot and a little tender. By 10p last night, like the whole left side of my head, from the top of my ear all the way down to my collar bone, felt swollen and it hurt to move my neck. […]...