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Cshel’s Google Search Activity by Trends

Barry Schwartz posted screen captures of his Google search activity today and tagged a few people to do the same, yours truly included. The quantity of my searches pale in comparison to Barry’s, but I think that might be because I make a point of logging out so things don’t get recorded, and also because […]...
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Using RSS to create dynamic content for SEO

The Beginning SEO Podcast with Brian Mark and David Brown (that was just posted today) talks about using RSS and XML to incorporate news, headlines and blog headlines into your websites to keep the content fresh, the visitors returning and the bots indexing on a regular basis. The podcast is about 30ish minutes long, and […]...

Best SEO Podcast Poll: Go Vote!

Lee Odden at Top Rank Online Marketing is running a poll to determine the “unofficial” most popular search podcast. So here is my mention of it, so that I might shamelessly plead for votes for Rush Hour. Remember… vote early, vote often (for Rush Hour)!...
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Rush Hour Recap for Wednesday, May 23rd

Yesterday on Rush Hour, Cameron, Neil and I talked about Google’s confirmed acquisition of Feedburner, the Technorati redesign, a really good segment (middle 15 minutes-ish) where Cameron and Neil shared some great tips for legitimately building your Digg profile and getting your stories to the front page, and we also discussed ways some people are […]...
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Sharing Your SEO Knowledge is Good

There is a school of thought that the in-house SEO should be like the Wizard of Oz… feared and awed and hiding behind a green velvet curtain where no one is exactly sure what it is he does, but clearly it must be important. I think that, while this might do happy things for one’s […]...