Cshel on Webmaster Radio’s Rush Hour

Yesterday afternoon, I chatted with Neil Patel and Cameron Olthius on their WMR show “Rush Hour” about how to leverage social media marketing to get traffic for my city guide, Lafayette Online.

It was an interesting conversation because I don’t think, in general, there would be tons of interest in the goings on in Greater Lafayette, Indiana… at least not amongst the diggers and whatnot. A lot of the suggestions to get digg attention that were thrown out involved manufacturing titillating or sensational news items — generally involving drugs and jackassery — and that’s just really not something I have the option of dabbling in. I don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize the nice in-links I have built up.

Here’s a summary of the advice for my site (lots of local content, relatively dry and un-diggable):

  • Integrate as much opportunity as possible for users to contribute content or help evangelize the site (include social media buttons, comment areas, user submitted photos, etc.)
  • Diggers are attracted to infantile or somewhat immature subject matter (e.g. drug use, videos of delinquent-type behavior, hot chicks, etc) so when possible or permissible, write headlines and news items with a sensational angle.
  • If the naturally occuring news doesn’t have enough zest to qualify as linkbait, spend time researching and creating reports and stories that are buzz worthy. (Think more John Stossel than NPR)

Listen to the whole show here. The Lafayette Online segment is maybe the last ten minutes. The first parts of the show cover the Jason Calacanis SEO Challenge, some Digg/StumbleUpon discussion, Neil’s trip to Shoemoney’s Elite Retreat, and YouTube/Google Videos.