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Located in Chicago, IL, CSHEL Search Strategies specializes in SEO consulting and technical audits tailored to enhance the digital presence of large enterprises. We also provide expert training and support designed to empower both traditional and digital marketing agencies. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization with a particular emphasis on SEO Audits to identify and address technical challenges.
  • Premium managed WordPress hosting to ensure optimal site performance.
  • Customized training programs in SEO, covering essentials and advanced strategies, along with targeted training for social media and content marketing.
  • Specialized training for newsrooms and editorial teams to enhance SEO in publishing environments.

What Make Us Best In Digital Marketing

Start working with an company that can provide everything you need to generate awareness,
drive traffic, connect with customers, and increase sales montes.


SEO can be technical, but it's not arcane magic. We won't talk to you like you're in kindergarten.


Decisions are so much better when made based on numbers and not solely on the gut. Amirite?


Building websites since 1994. SEO since 1997. Industry thought leaders since '08ish. We have experience.


We offer managed WordPress hosting so your website can stay up and load fast.


Our Goal Is Client’s Success And Future Growth

We provide SEO strategy and analysis to businesses of all sizes (right up to huge global organizations) who need a dispassionate review of their web presence to uncover opportunities for improvement and problems that may be hiding.

We Believe In Security

We 100% subscribe to “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”… if you’ve ever had to un-hack a website, you know why. We stay up-to-date on hacks and viruses and proactively apply security measures to the sites we host to keep hacks from happening in the first place.

We Believe In Quality

Poor quality optimization or, worse, questionable “tactics” to game the search engines, are a recipe for very short lived success in SEO. Long term success is defined by solid fundamentals, quality content, quality backlinks, and 100% above-reproach white hat SEO.

Are You Ready To Boost Your
Rankings Upto 500%

We are fully committed and focused on the development of your business,
So you have more sales & stay on top!

Meet the CSHEL Team

Carolyn is a recognized SEO expert, specializing in enhancing digital marketing strategies through advanced SEO strategies. A frequent speaker at global industry conferences, she focuses on the impact of SEO on business growth.

Carolyn Shelby

Founder & Chief Strategist