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Miami: Getting there was not half the fun

I’ve been debating whether to do this in a chronological format or just give a summary. The chronology is actually pretty entertaining (in hindsight anyway, I was pretty annoyed at the time), but nothing that was annoying had anything to do with the actual conference, which was great. So in the interest of sharing both, […]...
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Just back from SMX, now off to SES Latino

I swear I feel like I’m never at home anymore. I’m not even all caught up on the pile of laundry from SMX and now I’m packing for SES Latino in Miami. Blah. I think I need to look into getting a maid. I still haven’t been able to locate a new USB cable that […]...
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Long overdue post: SMX wrap-up

I’ve sat down to write this post at least a dozen times, and I’ve either been too tired to write coherently, or been busy and otherwise preoccupied. So, I apologize for the completely untimely nature of this SMX summary. Here’s the quick play-by-play of the trip… I left for Seattle early in the morning (at […]...

Nerdiness Check: Supreme Nerd

So apparently, I’m a Supreme Nerd… and yet, somehow I suspect there are people out there, at this very moment, saying, “Dar. Ya think?” Scott Clark tagged me in a “Nerdiness Quiz” meme thing, so I felt compelled to take the quiz and show the world, that I am, in fact, not a nerd. Sadly, […]...
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Cshel’s SMX travel schedule

As I’m starting to do laundry and plan out my “what to pack” list (so I have everything I need, yet also don’t have to schlep enough crap to last me an ice age), I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share my itinerary so anyone who wants to catch up with me while I’m in […]...