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SEO 101: Starting Your Own Social Network

Special guests Rhea Drysdale and Steve Bristol from join me, Brian and Ne0 on SEO 101 to discuss the benefits and advantages of running your very own social network… Completely coincidentally, they’re also pimping LessEverything’s recently released open source social network platform, Lovd. Download SEO 101: Open Source Social. Originally aired on Webmaster Radio […]...
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Friends on Facebook equals guilt by association?

Okay, this is a really coarse summary of this article because I’m not terribly familiar with the scandal in question… here goes: There’s apparently some big financial scandal going on in Paris. According to a story that appeared today on, the police searched a broker’s desk, confiscated his computer and detained him… because he’s […]...
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Rush Hour Recap for Wednesday, May 23rd

Yesterday on Rush Hour, Cameron, Neil and I talked about Google’s confirmed acquisition of Feedburner, the Technorati redesign, a really good segment (middle 15 minutes-ish) where Cameron and Neil shared some great tips for legitimately building your Digg profile and getting your stories to the front page, and we also discussed ways some people are […]...
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Recap of the May 9th Rush Hour

Yesterday on Rush Hour, Neil, Cameron and I discussed Neil’s new blog QuickSprout, MySpace’s acquisition of PhotoBucket, Ebay’s impending acquisition of StumbleUpon, HotOrNot changing it’s business model, the differences in community culture and behavior between the various social sites and how understanding those differences helps you more effectively leverage those services, and we also chatted […]...
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Rush Hour Recap for Wednesday, May 2

I meant to post this yesterday, but alas, work-work gets in the way sometimes. So yesterday, Cameron and I (sans Neil due to a schedule conflict) discussed: the Great DiggNation Revolt other social media services/sites worth adding to one’s arsenal and tips and advice for exploiting leveraging them my adventure last week getting to the […]...