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Not exactly twitterpated with Twitter

I started futzing with Twitter yesterday. It’s interesting, but it’s not causing me angst if I can’t get back to my machine to update what I’m doing. So far it’s been a vehicle for me to whine about being sick, complain about having to go to meetings, complain about being in meetings, and make silly […]...
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I rank #1 on Google for Lafayette IN Prostitution (Yay?)

My other site runs community news, so I receive press releases from businesses, city hall, civic groups, etc. on a regular basis. Last Friday, I received a news release from the county sheriff’s department about three women who were arrested at a local hotel for prostitution. This was pretty scandalous AND there were mugshots, so […]...

Emergency Valentine’s Day Card Help

I realize this is late notice, and if it’s already too late for you, file this away for future reference because it’s really a neat trick for people who really hate to give those incredibly smarmy “omg this is so obnoxiously sweet I feel as though I need an insulin shot just for reading it” […]...
Copywriting and ContentSEO/SEM

WeirdAsiaNews finally gets a Page Rank

Congratulations to my friend, Brent Csutoras of, on his newly minted PR6 and subsequent schload of 5s and 4s. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading his site, you should really go check it out. It’s actual news from Asian newspapers and news outlets translated in English so we non-speakers-of-anything-other-than-English can enjoy the […]...

Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials on Blogs

There was a comment made during the Disney/Spocko’s Brain fuss a few weeks ago that really bothered me. Neil Simpkins, the lawyer for Spocko’s hosting provider 1&1, justified 1&1’s decision to pull the plug on Spocko’s blog based on the lack of case precedent concerning fair use of copyrighted material on blogs. “The [fair use] battle for […]...