Proposed law requires sex offenders to disclose email addresses

Reuters ran a story today about how Senators Charles Schumer (NY-D) and John McCain (AZ-R) have proposed legislation intended to keep sexual predators off of social networking sites like MySpace. …require registered sex offenders to submit their active email addresses to law enforcement. The l...
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Pretty brains?

I was having hard time designing the logo for a site I’m working on because the site is for neuroradiologists and they’re brain scan doctors (x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc). Okay, they’re not just brain scans; they do spines and other body parts, too. I didn’t think a spine wou...
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SEO Efforts Pay Off!

Several months ago, I checked Lafayette Online’s rank in Google and almost cried. I had dropped from #3 or #4 (where I’d been pretty steadily for years) to #7. Since then, I’ve been going over the code and reading everything I’ve been able to find on improving one’s sit...
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