Firefox plugins I can’t live without

My new position has a thoroughly entertaining “new software” requisition process that I have to go through to get stuff installed on my laptop (because marketing types don’t get to have admin privs on their own machines). The process is three different forms, six weeks of wait time, and countless iterations of revised justifications. I just can’t begin to tell you how fun it is.

Anyway, the whole process forced me to sit down and figure out exactly which plugins I’m using on Firefox that I cannot live without. Normally, I don’t think much about all the stuff I’ve got plugged into my browsers, but it was a useful exercise to see exactly how Spartan of a set-up I could have and still get my work done efficiently and effectively.

Here’s what I told IT I needed…

  1. SEO for Firefox This does so much it’s just easier if you click on it and go read about it. If I could have only one thing off my list, this would be it.
  2. Colorzilla
  3. Header Spy
  4. JSView

Here’s what I have installed on my personal machine that I like having, but didn’t feel I would die without…

  1. DT Whois
  2. Firebug
  3. SEOpen
  4. Web Developer

Also, I use Lynx a lot, but not the Firefox plugin variety (Yellowpipe Lynx Viewer Tool)… I have lynx available on my server, so I just ssh over to that with Penguinet and use lynx from my shell. (Trivia: While one might assume I’m partial to c shell, I actually use bash.)

By the way, if anyone knows of any other super useful tools I ought to be using or at least trying out, please let me know!