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Content Marketing & SEO: Inextricably Linked

Content Marketing… what does it have to do with SEO? At PubCon Vegas 2014 (last week), I gave a talk on the relationship between SEO and content marketing and examined how the Tribune Content Agency uses SEO to influence and inform the overall content strategy on behalf of its clients. The content strategy encompasses the topic […]...
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Cshel’s SES Chicago and PubCon plans

I had originally planned on being in Vegas from December 2 (Sunday) through December 8 (the following Saturday); however, my plans were “modified” due to a “situation” and as a result, I will be in Chicago until December 5 (Wednesday) and miss the first two days of PubCon. While this sort of sucks, because I […]...
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SMX Wrap-Up on Beginning SEO Podcast

While it’s a little late, the Beginning SEO Podcast did not want to be left out of the spate of “SMX Wrap-Ups” so… here it is. Since Brian and NeO didn’t go, it’s pretty much them asking me questions about the conference and of course I blather on and on about it because… well… I […]...