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Where’s Cshel?

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent from the blog lately. Work-work has been a little crazy, I’ve been working on some other projects on the side, plus we had a death in the family the week of July 4… so I’ve just been crazy busy and not able to find time to put together any […]...

SES Latino Wrap-Up on Beginning SEO Podcast

On the Beginning SEO Podcast, Dave Brown, Brian Mark and I talk with Robert Garcia (Rumblepup) about topics and concepts covered at the recent SES Latino that was held in Miami on June 18 and 19. I was there liveblogging for Search Engine Roundtable, so we talked a little bit about the conference itself, and […]...
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SMX Wrap-Up on Beginning SEO Podcast

While it’s a little late, the Beginning SEO Podcast did not want to be left out of the spate of “SMX Wrap-Ups” so… here it is. Since Brian and NeO didn’t go, it’s pretty much them asking me questions about the conference and of course I blather on and on about it because… well… I […]...
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Search Friendly Site Architecture on Beginning SEO Podcast

Brian Mark, Dave Brown and I discuss best practices for building the structure of your website. We cover making it search bot friendly, making it user friendly, and making sure you can find stuff when you need to edit things. As it’s the “Beginning SEO Podcast“, it sticks to fundamentals and doesn’t venture too far […]...

SES Latino 2007 Wrap-Up

Sessions and General Overview… While I enjoy the huge conferences like SES NY, I have to admit that I really dig these smaller events. SES Latino had a few hundred attendees and a small expo area that was literally in the middle of the two session rooms. Everything was close by and there wasn’t any […]...