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SEO 101 Needs Your Feedback

We’ve had some internal debates (friendly, of course!) about which topics would be of the most interest to the SEO 101 listeners. Because our arguments were largely based on anecdotal evidence, we decided that it would be best to solicit feedback directly from the listening audience. So… if you all would be so kind as […]...
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Holy Mackerel! You call that SEO?

I’m not even entirely sure what to say here. I mean, can you honestly say your business provides search engine optimization services when you sell websites that are built entirely in Flash and, literally, the ONLY two links on the WHOLE site that a spider can see go to YOUR site… not a site that […]...
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Silicon Prairie Social Re-Cap

The Silicon Prairie Social was puh-ACK-ed…. bursting at the seams packed. Turns out there’s a lot of technology geeks in the west burbs and apparently, we’re a hungry bunch. The food seemed to run out pretty quickly. The bar was a trifle hard to get to due to the crowds, though the beers were being […]...