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San Francisco SEO Meet-Up Recap

My roomie for SES San Jose, Rhea Drysdale, my friend (who is a SysAdmin for ATI and not an SEO, but lives in San Jose and graciously offered to be our chauffeur/sober driver to San Francisco and back) John Clear, and I showed up fashionably late to the San Francisco SEO Meet-Up at the Liberties […]...

Work, Conference and Podcast Schedule

First off, I’d like to apologize for not keeping up with the blogging lately. I’m hip deep in rebuilding a very large website at the moment, and there have been some issues that have cropped up with the programming that might get in the way of the August 29th (failure-is-not-an-option) deadline. So I’ve been traveling […]...
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SEO 101: How Offline Marketing Affects Your Online Efforts

Today (Thursday, July 26th, 2007) on SEO 101, we (Dave “Neo” Brown, Brian Mark and yours truly) talked about a few different things you should be doing online to promote your online business/website and how to use offline marketing to build credibility and brand awareness. Download the 61st episode/2nd live broadcast of SEO 101 Concepts […]...

Omaha Airport Security Annoys Me

Okay, so I’m sitting in the Omaha airport’s little cafe area near the gates, eating a Krispy Kreme and trying to stop feeling so freaking aggravated. I travel fairly frequently. I have the same bags that I always travel with and they’re always packed the same. I’ve never had a problem with the security checkpoint […]...
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Omaha, SEO 101, and other misc stuff

Alrighty, friends and neighbors. Here’s what’s going on with me as of 1:25p, Thursday, July 19. I’m in Omaha meeting with our consultants to wrap up development and bug squashing on our new site. Finally got the connectivity issues squared away, so I now have access to IRC (to chat on the chatroom), and […]...