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WIPO is Chewbacca

WIPO makes no sense. The vast majority of their decisions come down on the side of the complainant (generally also the trademark holder) — by vast majority I mean like 6000 cases decided in favor of and only 1000ish against. Yet, every now and then, they deny a complaint that is (a) pretty clearly a […]...
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Selling Domains Via AdWords

There is an interesting thread over at right now where a bunch of guys have been having good luck selling domains through an AdWords campaign. The theory is that you’ll reach more potential buyers by targeting the keywords that comprise the domain name (with and without extension) and you won’t spend a fortune because […]...
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Blog Tagged!

Brent Csutoras of blog-tagged me, so here goes my obligatory five things people might not know about me and then my five tags. 1) I took the SATs the summer before I started 7th grade. Yes, it was the real SAT and no, they didn’t modify the grading scale. There was a program that found […]...
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Google easing into domain business afterall

Remember when I said Google can’t see behind privacy protected domain registrations because they don’t actually manage any domains? Well… Google just announced they’ve added domain registration to the Google Apps for Your Domain Beta. Adding a domain to your Google Apps account is only $10.00 a year to register AND host AND get private […]...
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All the cool kids are on

I was checking out earlier today. It’s DaveN’s newly launched social networking site that is better looking than MySpace (though the green is a trifle on the bright side) and is supposed to be more private in terms of how other members can contact you (so no more random “I want to be your […]...