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Pretty brains?

I was having hard time designing the logo for a site I’m working on because the site is for neuroradiologists and they’re brain scan doctors (x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc). Okay, they’re not just brain scans; they do spines and other body parts, too. I didn’t think a spine would work well for this application […]...

SEO Efforts Pay Off!

Several months ago, I checked Lafayette Online’s rank in Google and almost cried. I had dropped from #3 or #4 (where I’d been pretty steadily for years) to #7. Since then, I’ve been going over the code and reading everything I’ve been able to find on improving one’s site to be nicer to the bots […]...

How to Burn a Mailing List Fast

Everyone knows the best way to build a mailing list is to give interested parties the opportunity to sign themselves up to receive mailings from you and your business partners periodically. Apparently, not everyone knows the best way to burn that list. If you want to burn your list quickly, send out a slick little email […]...