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Holiday Pricing Helps Businesses Get a Jump on 2007 Construction Projects

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) December 13, 2006 — Although the holidays are not traditionally associated with new construction projects, it may now be the best time for churches, businesses and farms to purchase a new prefabricated steel building from the worldwide leader in prefab steel buildings, Metal Buildings R Us, thanks to special holiday pricing […]...
Copywriting and Content

My kid writes arbitrage copy

Caydel was¬†asking around for a copywriter in the Webmaster Radio Chatroom today. Not a quality copywriter, mind you, because he didn’t want to pay for quality. He just needed someone to crank out some 200-250 word arbitrage copy. Isis was recommended, but Caydel reiterated that he didn’t want to pay for quality, and she’s much […]...

Back from SES Chicago

So I’m back-back from SES Chicago now. I say “back-back” as opposed to just “back” because I technically got “back” on Friday night. I’m only now awake and rested (and it’s 10:00p Saturday). Apparently, I can’t party like a college kid for 5 days straight anymore without falling into a coma for at least 18 […]...
Social Networking

Proposed law requires sex offenders to disclose email addresses

Reuters ran a story today about how Senators Charles Schumer (NY-D) and John McCain (AZ-R) have proposed legislation intended to keep sexual predators off of social networking sites like MySpace. …require registered sex offenders to submit their active email addresses to law enforcement. The legislation would enable social networking sites like MySpace to cross-check new […]...
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Google cannot see past private registrations

This whole “can Google see past/around private domain registrations” thing that came out of the Interactive SERP Site Review session at PubCon Vegas has been bothering me a little, not because I’m worried (because I’m not, okay? I’m not). But in the interest of furthering the academic discourse, I decided to do a little research. […]...