All the cool kids are on

I was checking out earlier today. It’s DaveN’s newly launched social networking site that is better looking than MySpace (though the green is a trifle on the bright side) and is supposed to be more private in terms of how other members can contact you (so no more random “I want to be your friend! My name is Bambi and…” emails). It seems like everyone in SEO is joining, and being the follower that I am, I went ahead and signed up, too.

As I’m filling out the profile, I noticed an odd thing. When you specify your straight/not-straight/whichever-I-just-love-lovin’ preference, the system announces it to the world at the top of your profile — regardless of your marital status. Um. Well…… hrm. So I opted for “Not saying”; not because I’m confused, because I’m not. I totally dig dudes. I just don’t want to put up a “Hey, hit on me, PLEASE!” sign.

Another item I found interesting were the options available to females for specifying body type. Generally, you expect to find some pc terms for plumpish, and then your standards like athletic, thin, average, etc. They’ve got some cute options and a couple I just am not sure what to make of… the options are:

  • Round and Proud (doesn’t need further explanation)
  • J-Lo Booty (How accurately applied this one will be is in doubt)
  • Big Boned (okay I can figure that one out) 
  • Lara Croft (I’ve seen the video game, nuff said)
  • Average
  • Legs 11

The “Average” and “Legs 11” have me perplexed. After all the clever options, why throw average in there? What is average? Average for where? Average in LA != average in Green Bay != average in NYC. “Legs 11” I suspect is a nod to Spinal Tap’s custom amp that is better than everyone else’s because the knob goes up to 11 instead of 10. So, we can infer then that girl who describes her body type as such has legs up to her chin (and I’m guess that to be roughly a 36 inch inseam).

Then, also, there is a noticable lack of options for ladies who are neither rubenesque, nor statuesque. Why are we leaving the very petite and the amazons out in the cold? Hrm?

By the way, I went with “Lara Croft” at the recommendation of Phil Maher. So if you disagree, blame him.

Screen shot of my TickStatsFinally, the last little feature that I like, but is driving me batty is the tally of how many “ticks” you’ve received. See, you can only see who’s ticked you if you’ve ticked them as well, and it doesn’t appear that you can see HOW they ticked you — only that you’ve mutally ticked each other. So for my tally it shows that I have 13 ticks today, and they’re not all “Hey”! People are ticking me as “Hot Stuff” and I can’t frakking see who it is (can you tell BSG was on earlier?). It’s making me crazy. I want to know who these people are, because I feel like I owe them at least a thank you note, if not a fruit basket or something.

So anyway, if you’re not on TickMe yet, hop to it. If you are, tick*me* dammit!

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