Holiday Pricing Helps Businesses Get a Jump on 2007 Construction Projects

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) December 13, 2006 — Although the holidays are not traditionally associated with new construction projects, it may now be the best time for churches, businesses and farms to purchase a new prefabricated steel building from the worldwide leader in prefab steel buildings, Metal Buildings R Us, thanks to special holiday pricing available through

In addition to reduced rates, the website offers the most current information and access to dozens of inspirational uses, designs and styles for today’s metal buildings. Customers are able to check various designs, receive quotes, compare features and benefits and have nearly any question answered.

“Since this is traditionally a slow time for construction, we’ve decided it would be an excellent time for sale,” said Dan Rice, Sales Director of Metal Buildings R Us. “Really, building season isn’t too far away, and by ordering a building now, your project will be complete and ready to use when other companies are just beginning to break ground.”

Metal buildings are one of the fastest growing segments in the modern building industry. They are a low-maintenance and code compliant alternative to wood and cement block construction for residential and commercial applications. Businesses are increasingly turning to prefabricated steel structures because the completion time is dramatically shorter than that of a traditional building project, this reduces the time and cost commitment of expensive labor.

Additionally, steel structures require little to no upkeep compared to their wood and cement block counterparts. They are superior to wooden structures in terms of withstanding storms, high winds, rain, snow and termites. Steel buildings are also environmentally friendly because they do not use slowly renewing natural resources like hardwoods.

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Additional Info:
Metal buildings are no longer just for backyard tool sheds or dockside warehouses. Today’s metal buildings offer much more diversity. Pre-fabricated metal buildings are created in a wide range of different designs and colors due to the miracles of modern technology. The company says you will have the option of choosing from a large selection of designs, paneling, coatings and colors.

Steel buildings are ideal for the small family business as well as for large multinational corporations. Steel buildings can be constructed in all types of shapes and sizes to accommodate for the specific needs of each company. Steel is extremely strong compared to many other building materials. This makes it possible to create large column free office buildings that offer the company outstanding flexibility.

Recommended applications for 100% U.S. commercial grade steel buildings include:

Church Buildings
Agricultural Buildings
Manufacturing Buildings
Aviation Hangars
Office Buildings
Retail Buildings
Riding Arenas
Strip Malls
Garage and workshop