Prefabricated Steel Buildings Save Green in More Ways Than One

Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWeb) January 5, 2007 — With construction season fast approaching, Metal Buildings R Us ( is starting 2007 in high gear with new marketing initiatives aimed at educating consumers about cost effective and environmentally friendly prefabricated steel buildings.

“Environmentally friendly and ‘green’ building practices are buzzwords being thrown around a lot now, but people still think that making the effort to not harm the environment means sacrificing either quality or raising the cost of building to prohibitive levels. That simply isn’t true anymore,” said Dan Rice, of “Green doesn’t have to equal sacrifice or huge expense.”

Prefabricated steel buildings are building code compliant and lower maintenance than wood and cement block construction for residential and commercial applications. These steel structures also tend to have a dramatically shorter completion time than that of a traditional building project, which reduces the time and cost commitments of expensive labor.

Additionally, prefabricated steel structures require little to no upkeep compared to their wood and cement block counterparts over the life of the building. They are considered superior to wooden structures in terms of withstanding storms, high winds, rain, snow and termites.

In terms of environmental impact, steel buildings are preferred by green builders and the environmentally conscious because they do not use slowly renewing natural resources like hardwoods.

“We’re making some progress getting the word out about prefab steel buildings, and it shows in the rapid growth of the market,” Rice said. “It’s obvious that cost and environmental impact are big concerns of the American public, just look at recent movies and the economy. We want people to know that there’s a building solution for their churches, farms and businesses that meets their needs in terms of quality and also addresses their concerns about costs and protecting the environment”

Details about prefabricated metal buildings, associated costs, environmental impact, and quality are available at . The website offers the most current information and also features access to dozens of inspirational uses, designs and styles for today&#s metal buildings. Customers are able to check various designs, receive quotes, compare features and benefits and have nearly any question answered.

Metal Buildings R Us has more than fifty years of steel building design and manufacturing experience, and produces all of their buildings in the U.S.A. from the highest quality, heavy-gauge commcerial U.S. steel available. The precise design and manufacture of their structures meets or exceeds industry standards.

Metal Buildings R Us can be reached on the Internet at

Metal buildings have traditionally been used for backyard tool sheds and dockside warehouses, but today&#s metal buildings offer much more diversity. Pre-fabricated metal buildings are created in a wide range of different designs and colors, and offers a large selection of designs, paneling, coatings and colors.

Steel buildings are ideal for the small family business as well as for large multinational corporations. Steel buildings can be constructed in all types of shapes and sizes to accommodate for the specific needs of each company. Steel is extremely strong compared to many other building materials. This makes it possible to create large column free office buildings that offer the company outstanding flexibility.

Recommended applications for 100% U.S. commercial grade steel buildings include:

Garage and workshop
Aviation Hangars
Office Buildings
Retail Buildings
House of Worship
Riding Arenas
Strip Malls