My kid writes arbitrage copy

Caydel was asking around for a copywriter in the Webmaster Radio Chatroom today. Not a quality copywriter, mind you, because he didn’t want to pay for quality. He just needed someone to crank out some 200-250 word arbitrage copy.

Isis was recommended, but Caydel reiterated that he didn’t want to pay for quality, and she’s much too high quality for this particular application. So only half-jokingly, I suggested he hire my 11 year old daughter, Gretchen, who needs practice writing essays and is always looking for odd jobs around the house to earn money. Suprisingly, he agreed to have her write some copy and to pay her $5.00 per article.

Now, please don’t think that I coerced her or twisted her arm to write the copy. As soon as I told her the offer was $5 per article and there were like 20 to be written, she was seeing nothing but dollar signs and couldn’t wait to finish her homework so she could get started.

I spent a few minutes explaining the concept of arbitrage, how to best place the keywords in relation to each other and how frequently to use them, and reminded her that spelling and grammar count. Then she was off on her own.

She researched the product by going to the corporate website and reading specs and features, and then sat down and wrote a 267 word article in less time than it took to me prepare dinner. She had the second article finished shortly after dinner.

We mailed them both off to Caydel, and Gretchen is now $10 richer. 

This is such a win-win situation for everyone.

  • Caydel is getting good copy for his arbitrage stuff at a fair rate. 
  • $5 for 200 words is better pay than she’d get babysitting
    • I don’t have to worry about her being in charge of other little human beings (because after all, this is the kid who recreationally immolates Sims).
  • My kid is voluntarily practicing writing, spelling and typing, and the more she does it the better she’ll get at it.
  • The better she gets at it, the higher the rate she’ll be able to get for her work, which will make her want to write even more.

I’m so proud 🙂