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T-17 days from SES San Jose. Order your business cards NOW.

We’re less than 3 weeks out from SES San Jose, Aug. 18-22. If you’re running low on business cards, or you need new ones printed with updated contact info/title/etc, get on that PRONTO! I know I go through business cards like water goes through a sieve at conferences, so make sure you’re well stocked and […]...
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Have You Ordered Your Holiday Cards?

Even if you’re not a greeting card type of person (or you usually count on your spousal unit to handle the task), mailing holiday cards to your business associates, clients, former clients, and anyone who’s business card you may have picked up at a conference or other networking event is a great way to keep […]...
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SEO 101: How Offline Marketing Affects Your Online Efforts

Today (Thursday, July 26th, 2007) on SEO 101, we (Dave “Neo” Brown, Brian Mark and yours truly) talked about a few different things you should be doing online to promote your online business/website and how to use offline marketing to build credibility and brand awareness. Download the 61st episode/2nd live broadcast of SEO 101 Concepts […]...

Press Release Magic

Witness the power of my pen keyboard. If you ever wondered how much exposure you can generate for your business or web site by issuing a press release, here are some stats from a recent piece I wrote about ethical search engine optimization for SEOFox. I got the request last Thursday (January 4th), at like 9ish in […]...

Pretty brains?

I was having hard time designing the logo for a site I’m working on because the site is for neuroradiologists and they’re brain scan doctors (x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc). Okay, they’re not just brain scans; they do spines and other body parts, too. I didn’t think a spine would work well for this application […]...