Press Release Magic

Witness the power of my pen keyboard.

If you ever wondered how much exposure you can generate for your business or web site by issuing a press release, here are some stats from a recent piece I wrote about ethical search engine optimization for SEOFox.

I got the request last Thursday (January 4th), at like 9ish in the evening and the final draft went out on at midnight that same night (officially Friday, January 5th).

As of Monday, January 8th, PRWeb is reporting just shy of 100,000 reads (from distribution points they have the ability to track) and slightly more than 800 consumer/media “pickups”.

Also, while I know Alexa is highly subject to influence (and I’m sure it didn’t hurt that people who generally read SEO related press releases are webmasters who have the Alexa toolbar installed), it’s still neat to see this huge spike in traffic rank.


…and then this…