Work, Conference and Podcast Schedule

First off, I’d like to apologize for not keeping up with the blogging lately. I’m hip deep in rebuilding a very large website at the moment, and there have been some issues that have cropped up with the programming that might get in the way of the August 29th (failure-is-not-an-option) deadline. So I’ve been traveling each week for the past five weeks, which has sucked majorly. This is actually the first week in a month I’ll spend at home.

My cats, btw, are beside themselves with joy to have a human in the house again on a regular basis… I think they started to think they’d been abandoned — My children on the other hand, are probably slightly upset that I’m home again because when I’m gone they’re with grandma and, I mean really, what’s not to like about being with grandma for an extended period of time?

SEO 101 Broadcasts and Podcasts
In the middle of all the work craziness, I’ve also been recording podcasts with David (NeO) Brown and Brian Mark for SEO 101: The Beginning SEO Podcast, and doing a live SEO 101 show on Thursdays from 12:00p-12:30p CST on I’m in the chatroom during the live show, and we’re posting recaps of the shows on the show website.

I’m probably going to stop posting my recaps on, but I plan to figure out a way to keep a running list of which archives are posted and links to the recaps.

SES San Jose
I am definitely going to SES San Jose. Have flight and hotel arranged, have time off from work (at the worst possible time imaginable) arranged, and I’ve almost got grandma convinced to take the kids for yet another week. I suppose if that falls through I can try to have the kids boarded with the cats at the kennel. (I’m KIDDING… it’s a JOKE. Really. I’d never do that. That would be wrong.) Anyway… definitely going.

I’ll be blogging at least 8 sessions for Search Engine Roundtable, so you’ll be able to keep up vicariously with all the assorted SES happenings.

I still don’t have a replacement cable for my camera, so I’m not making any promises about posting pictures, though I will be taking them. I just don’t know when I’ll be able to get them online.

Also, please someone remind me on like the 16th or 17th to freaking pack my stupid power cord for my laptop.

Other Projects and Things I’m Supposed to Be Working On
I’m looking for an unpaid minion helper to give me a hand keeping Lafayette Online updated with local news and community events, etc. It’s pretty easy work, it just takes 30 minutes a day or so.

If you or anyone you know is interested in helping me out, and you (or the person you know):

  • Has a more than firm grasp of the English language (proper spelling and grammar, etc.)
  • Has a some basic understanding of journalism
  • Is reliable (and that is super important!)
  • and sincerely wants to be my minion helper for a link and a credit on the staff page (with a photo even!), but for no money.

…then by all means, email me at carolyn[at] and give me a run down of your qualifications, why you want to be my helper-monkey, and how much time you can devote to me the project. Preference will be given to residents of Lafayette or West Lafayette, Indiana, residents of the Chicago area (specifically the far-far South Suburbs), and Purdue University students.

I have several other projects I will be needing help with, but I’m just not in a position to worry about them right at this second. Also, please don’t email me to pitch me on rebuilding Lafayette Online, because that is outside the scope of the current project plan — and I won’t save your email for when I am ready to think about redesigning/rebuilding the site; I’ll delete it.