San Francisco SEO Meet-Up Recap

My roomie for SES San Jose, Rhea Drysdale, my friend (who is a SysAdmin for ATI and not an SEO, but lives in San Jose and graciously offered to be our chauffeur/sober driver to San Francisco and back) John Clear, and I showed up fashionably late to the San Francisco SEO Meet-Up at the Liberties (I think?) bar on 22nd and Guerrero. It seemed like the party might be winding down a smidge, but there were still a good 8-10 people there. We hung out until 1ish I think? Anyway, I’m not entirely sure about the time because my time zone shifting is all screwy and I was pretty exhausted… the point is, there were a lot of nice people there and it was a fun time 🙂 Definitely worth attending if you’re in the area for the next one.

(Let the linklove begin…)

People whom I already knew were:

People whom I just met last night (and gave me business cards so I’d remember their names and sites):

  • David Mihm, a design marketing consultant in SF who is also from Illinois (like me) and recognized my Chicago accent (which, btw, I don’t think I actually have one, but if you say so).
  • Laura Lippay, a Yahoo-er (is that what they’re called?) and fellow Gemini, who also identified my (non-existant) accent as that of a Chicagoan.
  • Lorna Li, search marketer, blogger and green activist (as per her kewt wee little business card)
  • Natasha Robinson, aka That Girl From Marketing. While last night was the first night I’ve actually met Natasha, I’ve seen/chatted with her in the WMR chatroom several times (and she also has a kewt wee little business card — I think it’s a Bay Area thing, but dammit, now I want one!).

There were other people I remember talking to; however, being as it was at a bar, and I had been up since 5:00am Central and was incredibly sleepy, my memory just isn’t what it usually is… so if I’ve left anyone off the list that should be here, drop me an email 🙂