SEO 101: Answering Listener Questions

SEO 101 Podcast

Because it’s been awhile since we spent an episode answering listener questions posted on the SEO 101 website, we (David Brown, Brian Mark, and moi) decided to tackle all of the questions submitted by one of the more prolific question askers. So this episode is dedicated to BrainBugg, thank you for all the questions and for being a loyal listener. Hopefully we answered all of your questions satisfactorily. 🙂

In this episode, we address the value and desirability (or lack thereof, depending) of country specific top level domains (ccTLDs) versus the standard top level domains (TLDs) like .com, .net and .org; sites that can be used to check KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) for TLDs other than .com; choosing good subdomains; citing and referencing other people’s blog posts on your blog; the value of directory sites; and what happens when the “SEO secret” gets out.

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