SEO 101: Mike Moran discusses Search Engine Marketing, Inc

SEO 101 Podcast

Mike Moran, author of Do It Wrong Quickly and whom we have had the pleasure of interviewing previously, talks with Brian Mark, David Brown and moi about his book Search Engine Marketing, Inc.

In addition to the obligatory, heymybookisgreatsogobuyit stuff, Mike talks with us about developing and implementing a search marketing program in your business, the ins and outs of exploring new media and social media (again, in the context of “how will this benefit my business”), and then finally, the absolute importance of optimizing your internal Web site search.

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Originally aired on Webmaster Radio on 10/1/2008

P.S. If you’re looking for something to keep you from dying of boredom at the relative-who-has-no-wifi’s house over the holidays… grab a copy… good readin’