SEO 101 Call-In Show Tonight

SEO 101 Podcast

On the Monday, June 1st live broadcast of SEO 101, we will have four tickets to give away for the Market Saint Louis “Look At Me” seminar in St. Louis, MO on Thursday, June 11. The tickets are normally $249, but we’ll be giving them away to the four callers who give us the best reasons why their business needs this seminar.


Think of this as sort of like those essay contests the English teachers used to make everyone participate in, but the differences are 1) we won’t take off points for poor grammar or spelling (because this is all about style and ability to persuade!) and 2) the prize is way cooler than some lame $50 savings bond that you can’t do anything with for 20 years.

BEHOLD, the Details

  1. Listen to SEO 101 tonight at 9p Central
  2. Call (646) 716-6190
  3. When you’re on… give us your most compelling reasons why YOUR business needs and can use the information and tools you’ll learn at the seminar.

Just remember, the seminar is near St. Louis, Missouri. You have to be able to get yourself there and home again because we’re only supplying admission to the event 😉