Rush Hour Recap for Wednesday, May 2

Rush Hour on WebmasterRadio.fmI meant to post this yesterday, but alas, work-work gets in the way sometimes.

So yesterday, Cameron and I (sans Neil due to a schedule conflict) discussed:

  • the Great DiggNation Revolt
  • other social media services/sites worth adding to one’s arsenal and tips and advice for exploiting leveraging them
  • my adventure last week getting to the front page of Digg for the first time
  • a little MySpace and YouTube
  • Twitter (You can follow me on Twitter if you’d like… Cameron doesn’t twit)
  • and then finally, Brent Csutoras called in for the last segment and chatted for a bit.

Overall, I thought this broadcast went more smoothly for me than last week, even despite the WMR chatroom’s attempts to make me laugh and lose my train of thought. (Yeah, you guys thought I missed that, didn’t you? See, I was paying attention… I just chose to *pretend* I didn’t see it. So nyah.)

Anyway, listen to the 11th episode of Rush Hour on podcast if you missed the live show, and if you’d like to hang out in the chatroom for the next live show, visit and install the desktop app to chat. Then just make sure you’re logged in at 4p Eastern/1p Pacific on Wednesdays.