Back from SES Chicago

So I’m back-back from SES Chicago now. I say “back-back” as opposed to just “back” because I technically got “back” on Friday night. I’m only now awake and rested (and it’s 10:00p Saturday). Apparently, I can’t party like a college kid for 5 days straight anymore without falling into a coma for at least 18 hours. But I’m better now… and there were no major ill-effects from the drunken debauchery to report.

The trip was very productive, and in addition to giving away another 200 of my new business cards (200 down, 800 to go!), I met a lot of cool new people, a lot of people that I’d only spoken w/ online before this, and I got to meet a bunch of people who I’ve only spoken to online before AND live within an hour of my house.

Fun facts that I learned:

  • Not only do they not call english muffins “english muffins” in England; they don’t have them there at all. — DaveN
  • If your large jetliner suffers a major structural breach at 40k feet, you will have a minute and a half (90 seconds) to kiss your keister goodbye because that’s how long it will take you to fall to your fiery, untimely death. However, if you just lose your engines, you can glide in safely and not drop like a brick out of the sky. — Jake Baille
  • SEOFangirl really is a girl, and not one of the guys pretending to be a girl as rumored. — Me
  • Something is amiss on the fifth floor of the Chicago Hilton (it’s said to be haunted) — there were no bodies hanging from the ceiling or anything, but the elevators won’t go to the fifth floor. You can access the floor from the fourth floor and then go up the stairs, though, but it’s all deserted and everything is open so you can wander from room to empty room (just wandering though — definitely NOT looting the unlocked minibars). — Neil Patel

Shoemoney and PlanetAndreaI would like to heartily thank Andrea (planetAndrea) and Shoemoney (as seen here) for letting me hang out with their group and especially for letting me crash with Andrea all week so I didn’t have to worry about driving back and forth between the conference and my house out in the suburbs. It was a total blast to party with the rockstars for a week 🙂 Thank you!