SEO 101: Link Building

SEO 101 Podcast

Dave Conklin from ProspectMX joins Ne0 and me to discuss link building basics. Why did this guy get to be the guest? Because his company made this super cute Link Building 101 poster (pdf). We managed to cover most of the techniques on this kitschy primer, but had enough left over that we might do a Part 2 to cover the rest.

Download SEO 101: Link Building.
Originally aired on Webmaster Radio on 6/26/2008

The Handout
Seriously, this is frame-worthy. I’m going to get a big laminated version to put on the wall in my office.

SEO 101 Link Building 101 Chart

Things we cover in this episode include:

  • Press releases (for links) — pay attention as there are some good tips for not breaking your budget and how to know when you should use free services versus when it’s a good idea to use the paid services.
  • Wikis and Social Sites
  • Traditional Link Building — Cherry picking links, how to ask for links the right way, how to NOT ask for links, etc.
  • Paid Links, Link Exchanges and Directories