Cshel’s SES Chicago and PubCon plans

Carolyn Shelby speaking at PubCon

I had originally planned on being in Vegas from December 2 (Sunday) through December 8 (the following Saturday); however, my plans were “modified” due to a “situation” and as a result, I will be in Chicago until December 5 (Wednesday) and miss the first two days of PubCon. While this sort of sucks, because I like Vegas and I was looking forward to having a full week of vacation, the upshot of “the situation” is that I can now hang out with the SES Chicago attendees after sessions (since I’ll be at the office during the day and can’t actually attend the conference proper). So, that’s sort of yay. I would much prefer being able to go to the conference since I can’t be in Vegas, but I’ll take what I can get.

My flight lands at LAS on Wednesday at 8:30p-ish….which should put me on the Strip just in time to be fashionably late for the SEOMoz party at the conference center. I’m seriously considering doing the whole change clothes/put make-up on/get ready thing in the limo after leaving the airport to minimize the amount of time it takes me to dump my luggage in the room and jet over to the conference center. If I could easily fly in my boots, I could just get dressed in Chicago and freshen up in Vegas, but it’s a pain in the butt to get my boots on and off when I go through airport security… much easier in slip-on flats. Less cute, but oh well. Anyway, I digress…

So here’s my schedule as it stands right this second…

And of course, because I’m a twitter-addict, I’ll be updating via twitter a bunch so please feel free to follow me. Also, I’m thinking there isn’t going to be a live SEO 101 on Thursday because Neo and I will be at PubCon, I’ll be live blogging sessions (I’m not sure what Neo’s plans are) and poor Brian is stuck in Omaha because… well… I’m sure you’ve heard us complain about that on the past few episodes.

Anyway, feel free to text message me or call — especially if you’ve got a line on a good party — if you’ve got one of my business cards, you’ve got my cell and I always have it with me. I finally remembered to upgrade to unlimited text messaging and free incoming, so it’s all good. See everybody next week!