SEO 101 from SES San Jose

SEO 101 Podcast

Brian Mark, Dave “NeO” Brown and I podcasted SEO 101 live from the Webmaster Radio booth on the exhibit floor at Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2007 yesterday (Wednesday, August 22nd).

Listen or download the archive of SEO 101 Podcast Live from San Jose here.

Our guests included Dave Davies from Beanstalk Search Positioning, Curtis Dueck from Epiar, Michael Gray, Mike McDonald, and just some random guy that was walking past the booth.

SEO 101 Live from SES San Jose 2007

I have to say, despite only having 3 microphones for 4-5 people (which was our own fault for dragging so many people over to talk), I completely LOVE being able to do the show when Brian, Dave and I are all in the same room. Normally, we do the show via Skype and I’m in Chicago, NeO is near Seattle someplace and Brian is in Nebraska. The live show was just a ton and a half of fun and I can’t wait til the next conference so we can do another one.