Cshel’s SMX travel schedule

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As I’m starting to do laundry and plan out my “what to pack” list (so I have everything I need, yet also don’t have to schlep enough crap to last me an ice age), I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share my itinerary so anyone who wants to catch up with me while I’m in Seattle can do so. It also benefits the people who won’t be in Seattle, since they might be wondering where in the hell I am and why I’m not being super speedy about returning emails and calls.

I’m flying out (ungodly) early in the morning on Saturday, June 2nd. I think I land at SEA-TAC at like 10:22a local time. I’ll be doing some touristy things on Saturday and then all the conference related events and activities Sunday through Tuesday. I’m leaving on the red-eye Tuesday night (11:20p).

I’m taking my camera and I’ll take TONS of pictures, which I shall upload to my Flickr account as time permits, and I’ll try to blog and twitter as much as possible.

Let’s see…. what else? Oh! I finally remembered to sign-up for a better texting plan, so feel free to text me with impunity and without the fear of getting an irate phone call about how I pay $0.25 per text message, because I don’t anymore. (Yay!)

So anyway, I’m looking forward to the conference and seeing people again! I’ll post some recaps when I have information to share.