Cshel’s Google Search Activity by Trends

Barry Schwartz posted screen captures of his Google search activity today and tagged a few people to do the same, yours truly included. The quantity of my searches pale in comparison to Barry’s, but I think that might be because I make a point of logging out so things don’t get recorded, and also because while I’m at the office because I tend to work mostly on the work laptop that’s connected to the heavily monitored intranet.

cshel's daily search activityWhy does that make a difference? <Officially and For The Record> I try to only do work related searches and work related activities because if I’m doing something other than work related things, someone will notice, and that probably would be frowned upon.</Officially and For The Record> I do try to behave sometimes, you know.

So on to the self-analysis… I’m surprised by how much my searching spikes on Tuesdays. I’m trying to think of an obvious reason why and I’m coming up bla… oh wait. Show prep. Duh. I bet that’s it. I start doing searches for social related stuff on Tuesday so I can ask at least moderately intelligent questions on Rush Hour on Wednesday. That at least explains the last month or so, anyway.

Cshel's Hourly Search Activity

Hourly… Hourly is pretty much what I expected. I’m generally unconscious between midnight and like 5:30a (well… when I get up on time anyway… sometimes I sleep til 7)… then I’m in the car for an hour or so… so all of my searches start when I get to the office between 8 and 9, and then they taper off about when I leave the office to drive home. I haven’t been getting much time online in the evenings lately. So really, the only time I’m searching is during business hours.

Hrm… scouring buddy lists for victims… Who to tag, who to tag. Okay, got my list.

Tag, you’re it.