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SEO 101: Domains – Picking them, getting them, keeping them

Ouch. Brian’s office had a cable cut or something, we’d occasionally lose Neo, and for once I was the one NOT having connection issues, but the sudden silence made me paranoid… it was a rough episode. Technical difficulties aside, there is some good information about choosing, registering and hanging onto domain names which verily I […]...
SEO 101
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SEO 101: Why search conferences are worth the time and money

If you’re someone who is responsible for marketing a business website, but doesn’t actually work for an agency, or works for a business that is primarily brick-and-mortar and might be a late comer to the “internets”, you’re probably going to have to justify the time away and cost of your conference attendance to your boss(es). […]...
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SEO 101 from SES San Jose

Brian Mark, Dave “NeO” Brown and I podcasted SEO 101 live from the Webmaster Radio booth on the exhibit floor at Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2007 yesterday (Wednesday, August 22nd). Listen or download the archive of SEO 101 Podcast Live from San Jose here. Our guests included Dave Davies from Beanstalk Search Positioning, Curtis […]...
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Search Friendly Site Architecture on Beginning SEO Podcast

Brian Mark, Dave Brown and I discuss best practices for building the structure of your website. We cover making it search bot friendly, making it user friendly, and making sure you can find stuff when you need to edit things. As it’s the “Beginning SEO Podcast“, it sticks to fundamentals and doesn’t venture too far […]...