How To Reorganize Management For Social Media, Search Marketing and Internet Advertising

Based on the title, you probably thought this was going to be a long and academic blog entry, but HA! you’ve been had. This is actually a shameless plug for a speaking engagement.

Come hear me speak on Wednesday, July 30th at the Gleacher Center, Downtown Chicago
Come hear me speak on Wednesday, July 30th at the Gleacher Center, Downtown Chicago

You might be wondering what management has to do with social media, SEM, online advertising, etc. If you’ve ever worked for a not-online-only company, chances are you know *exactly* what manglement has to do with it — or more to the point what role they play in preventing you, and the people like you who know what needs to be done to get it done right, from doing your job.

This talk is aimed at upper management and executives who either think they know about social media, SEM/SEO and internet advertising, or who realize they only know the buzzwords and need a better understanding of the concepts and ideas.

The goal of the session is to give these decision makers with a better grasp of the concepts involved, and help them start thinking about ways they can modify current business procedures to accommodate these new and emerging technologies.

It’s all great to walk into the marketing department and declare, “Let’s get on Digg! Let’s get a million visitors!”, but seriously, is that really what the company NEEDS? How do you even define what is needed?

Once you have your needs and goals defined (because really, you can’t define your needs until you define your goals… it’s hard to create driving directions without a start point AND an endpoint), then how do you go about implementing your plan of action? Here’s a hint: meetings to schedule more meetings, to throw things back to committee to review and then another meeting to discuss the findings just isn’t going to cut it. The cycle time for decisions and actions is dramatically shorter now than ever before, and if you’re used to doing business the way you did business 30 years ago, or even 10 years ago, you’re going to miss A LOT of opportunities, or you’re going to waste a lot of money doing things ineffectively.

Wow Carolyn, this sounds FASCINATING…. when is the talk?

Ever so glad you asked… here are the details:

How To Reorganize Management For Social Media, Search Marketing & Internet Advertising

Carolyn Shelby, Social Media and SEO Consultant
David Dalka, Internet Marketing, Change Management and Mobile Search Marketing consultant

Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2008

6:00p — Registration
6:30p-8:00p — Program
8:00p — Networking and Cash Bar

University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
Gleacher Center – Room 100
450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA