Really, I’m not dead or anything

I finally pulled myself away from a couple of the projects I was feverishly working on over xmas break and noticed I’d left the blog in a state of woeful neglect. I have several started posts, but possess neither the energy nor the brain capacity to finish any of them at the moment. So in the interest of quelling rumors of my untimely demise, I wanted to put up a quick post about what I’m doing and what I plan to be doing for the next few weeks to a month.

What I’m doing and planning…

  • The biggest thing I’ve been working on is rebuilding Lafayette Online one section at a time. As much as it looks like I’ve been ignoring, I assure you, I’ve ignored Lafayette Online 8 million times worse and it’s time I fixed it up and started taking care of it.
  • We’ve finally soft launched the new site at work. (Yay!) So with luck, there will be less frustration and much more getting stuff accomplished in my near future. (For the record, I’m still mad at the consultants.)
  • I’m learning schloads about WordPress, and I daresay I’m getting pretty good with customizing themes and what not.
  • We’re gearing up to get back into recording SEO 101 Podcasts on a regular schedule.
  • I’m putting together my 2008 search conference schedule for the office so they know when I’ll be gone (and where I’ll be in case there’s an emergency — and when isn’t there an emergency?)
    • If anyone is interested, I’m currently looking at attending SMX West, SES NY, SMX Adv, SES SJ, SMX East, and PubCon; however, the list is subject to change and won’t be even semi-final until late next week.

Anyhoo, if you still don’t feel you’re getting frequent enough updates about my day to day life via the blog, please feel free to follow me on Twitter.