Question for WordPress Gurus…

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I’ve been spending all of my waking time lately getting a frankensteinishly complicated website all put into a single WordPress install, using it as both as CMS and for posts (as news items). So I’ve managed to combine all of the static pages into the new site, and imported two separate WordPress installs into the single uber-WP (and that included converting all of the posts from one of those smaller WPs into pages).

Btw, I should probably mention that I did all of this development on a completely different domain.

So anyway, as I’m dangerously close to the point where I can flip the switch and turn the new site on, it occured to me that I’m not entirely sure what the best way is to go about doing it… so I’m asking for advice from those of you who know WordPress far better than me.

The Options

Option 1

  1. Backup existing site
  2. Rm -rf * the entire directory to make sure it’s good and clean
  3. Install fresh copy of WordPress with fresh new database
  4. Export the contents of the development site using WP’s export feature.
  5. Copy the theme off the development site and upload onto the production server
  6. Turn theme on
  7. Import the file created by the export into the production WP.

I *think* that should work. I think.

The problem is that I have a couple of plugins (remnants from one of the two smaller WPs I had been using on the frankenstein site) that lose tables and data everytime I do the export/import thing because they have all sorts of extra tables associated with them. I won’t *die* if I have to start over with no historical data on those few plugins, but I’d like to avoid it.

Hence, option 2…

Option 2

  1. Back up existing production site.
  2. Rm -rf * the whole directory to make sure it’s good and clean for the new WP install.
  3. Install WordPress fresh, but point the DB at the one currently in use by the development site.
  4. Copy the theme files from the development site and put them on the production site and turn on.
  5. Fix whatever is broken in the DB to make it work on the new domain.

I guess my hangup on going with option 2 is the “Fix whatever is broken in the DB to make it work” as I don’t know exactly what will break or how much of a migraine it will cause to try to fix it.

So is there anyone who’s done this before? Advice? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance for the help!