PageRank Update, TechCocktail 6, Omaha

I apologize (yet again) for my extended absence from blogging. I’ve been in Omaha for the past two weeks to make the final push to finish an enormously large project and I’ve also been beside myself with grief over my PR losses from the most recent toolbar update. Nothing a lot of little Ketel One couldn’t fix though.

Regarding the PageRank update: No loss in traffic, doesn’t seem to be anything hurt but my pride. I strongly suspect I’ll survive.

Regarding TechCocktail 6: I hear it’s sold out now, so yay that I remembered to r.s.v.p. early this time. It’s scheduled for Thursday, November 15th at John Barleycorn in Wrigleyville (where it was the last time it was in the city… was lots of fun). Sadly, I may not be able to go if I end up being sent back to Omaha (again) next week. If that happens, I’ll be happy to give my “confirmation for 2” thingy to someone who is able to attend but didn’t sign up in time. If I am going back to Omaha, I’ll post something to the blog to see if anyone is interested in the tickets… please don’t email me about it til then. 🙂

Regarding Omaha: *sigh* I only wish I could tell you about the festivities, because this project is really the poster child for “What is a tragic comedy?”. On the upside, I’m racking up the frequent flier miles and I’m on a first name basis with the hotel staff, the starbucks drive-up girls, and the car rental people.

On the downside, I think my kids have forgotten what I look like.

With luck (crosses fingers), this insane travel will be done by the end of the year for sure and life will settle back down. Until then I will be more vigilant about posting. My biggest fear has just been that my posts will start to look much like my Twitters (e.g. me whining about the travel and the project and generally venting to prevent insanity).