Omaha, SEO 101, and other misc stuff

SEO 101 Podcast

Alrighty, friends and neighbors. Here’s what’s going on with me as of 1:25p, Thursday, July 19.

I’m in Omaha meeting with our consultants to wrap up development and bug squashing on our new site. Finally got the connectivity issues squared away, so I now have access to IRC (to chat on the chatroom), and all the various IMing services, plus SSH and all the web access I could ever want.

My hotel also has free wireless, so I’m all kinds of connected (unlike when I was in Miami and New York earlier this year…)

SEO 101 – Beginning SEO Podcast is now broadcasting at 1pm/Eastern, Noon/Central on Neo, Brian Mark and I try to all be in the chatroom and available to answer questions and hang out with listeners.

The inaugural SEO 101 live show on WMR was today, Thursday, July 19th at the normal broadcast time (1 Eastern, Noon Central, 10 Pacific)… and again, the three of us were in the chatroom to answer questions, take questions from the audience and just generally be smart asses. We were joined by Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl) and we discussed the pros and cons of in-house SEO vs. outsourcing SEO.

I’ll drop a link to the podcast here as soon as it’s available.