New Year’s Resolutions

1) Stop procrastinating.

2) Focus. 

3) Lose weight.

4) Quit impulse buying domains.

Number one is pretty obvious since it’s January 3rd and I’m just now writing my resolutions.

Number two is going to take some effort because I’m always thinking of things that would be cool or fun to try, and I really think I need to narrow my focus more so I can get more accomplished in one area, rather than spreading myself and my time too thinly.

Number three is purely obligatory because we all know that no one actually follows through on the lose weight/exercise more/eat healthier resolutions. My theory is that if I toss in a resolution I already know I’m not going to be able to keep, the guilt from that failed resolution will be enough to keep me from breaking the other more important resolutions.

And lastly, number four. *sigh* I did a quick check of my domain inventory and I’ve learned that the amount of money I spent renewing domains that I’m not doing anything with would have bought me a nice pair of Manolos — and that’s not even factoring in the domains I bought new this year. I’m sure I could have those Jimmy Choo boots I’ve been drooling over if I could reign in my domain habit a bit. So, no more domains for me this year. (Well. Okay. Maybe just one… but only if it’s a really great name at a really great price.)