My Most Popular Photos

Last Friday, Barry Schwartz posted his most popular photos from Flickr according to his Flickr Stats, and requested that other people with Pro accounts do the same… so here goes.

Most Popular by Impressions

1. Carolyn’s Turquoise Toes: 570 views
Carolyn's Turquoise Toes

2. Jack and Lola: 259 views
Jack and Lola

3. The Spa at Green Valley Ranch and Resort: 229 views
Green Valley Ranch and Resort


Most Popular by Favorites

These next four tied for most popular by number of times they were favorited by other users (all were favorited an astonishing once)

Carolyn’s Turquoise Toes (see above)

Barry Schwartz in the Press Room
Barry Schwartz in Press Room

Loren Baker and Tamar Weinberg
Loren Baker and Tamar Weinberg

DaveN, Oilman, Dax and Tamar
Dave Naylor, Todd Friesen, Dax Herrera and Tamar Weinberg
As an aside, I vaguely wonder if there exists a photo of Dax in which he IS NOT doing the arched Elvis eyebrow thing


Most Popular by Comments

Carolyn’s Turquoise Toes: 5 comments (again, see above)

So like, which nametag is right? (Starring Rebecca Kelley) 3 comments
Rebecca Kelley at SMX Advanced

The MadHat and the guy who can explain SEO (Brian Chappelle): 2 comments
MadHatter and Brian Chappelle

Space Needle: 2 comments
It's the Space Needle, duh.



I know Barry didn’t tag anyone because he didn’t know who had/had not a Flickr Pro acct; however, I know Rhea has one, so I’m tagging her, and I’m also acknowledging I still have an unanswered tag from her that I need to tend to.