Mostly healthy again, yay!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I got out of the hospital late on Saturday. They switched me off the intravenous antibiotics to a pill form, so they didn’t need to keep me. The ear is almost 100% better. I can hear again (yay!) and it’s not hot and doesn’t hurt (also yay!).

No prescription for the vicodin while at home though (sadly, not yay).

Was back in the office on Monday (also not yay) and had a TON and two halfs of work to catch up on. My timing for getting deathly ill was incredibly bad. We have 3 simultaneous big projects going on at work, and one gets top priority. So, I spend all my time on the top priority project, and budgeted Thursday and Friday of last week to complete the other two prior to our big industry tradeshow in Vegas this week (starts today).

I was able to complete the one project on Thursday as planned, but since I was sick all weekend, I didn’t get to work on the second one until yesterday. I kept assuring everyone that it really, honest to god, would only take me a day to do it (provided people weren’t calling me every 20 minutes for status updates), but there was much spazzing and freaking out happening.

The freaking out and spazmocating has subsided because I completed the second project in one day, just like I said I would (*does the “Told you so” dance defiantly in the general direction of the naysayers and worrywarts at the office*).

All is now well on all fronts.

Thank you to everyone who emailed, IMed and twittered at me while I was convalescing. You cheered me up 🙂