I rank #1 on Google for Lafayette IN Prostitution (Yay?)

My other site runs community news, so I receive press releases from businesses, city hall, civic groups, etc. on a regular basis. Last Friday, I received a news release from the county sheriff’s department about three women who were arrested at a local hotel for prostitution. This was pretty scandalous AND there were mugshots, so of course, I was happy to post it.

So, now I’m ranking #1 for Lafayette IN Prostitution and my friends are teasing me mercilessly. There is a nice little bump in traffic and it’s been fun to see who’s searching for what and ending up on that article.

The other interesting thing I’ve been keeping an eye on is what ads are showing in my AdSense now. The last time I ran a story about a topic that contained a lot of highly suspect keywords AdSense freaked out. (Short version: 60 year old pedophile was soliciting what he thought were 15 year old girls in a chatroom for sex — turned out to be cops.) Anyway, all of the ads on my site switched to PSAs for like two weeks (and as you probably know, you don’t get paid for Public Service Announcements) and it sucked. Since then, I’ve diversified my income streams quite a bit so I don’t actually care if AdSense disappears on me for a couple weeks; however, it is interesting to watch just in terms of how the story is treated.

It doesn’t look like the ads have kicked over to just PSAs yet, but my AdSense revenue over the weekend fell through the floor. If anything changes I’ll be sure to post an update.