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SMX Wrap-Up on Beginning SEO Podcast

While it’s a little late, the Beginning SEO Podcast did not want to be left out of the spate of “SMX Wrap-Ups” so… here it is. Since Brian and NeO didn’t go, it’s pretty much them asking me questions about the conference and of course I blather on and on about it because… well… I […]...
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Search Friendly Site Architecture on Beginning SEO Podcast

Brian Mark, Dave Brown and I discuss best practices for building the structure of your website. We cover making it search bot friendly, making it user friendly, and making sure you can find stuff when you need to edit things. As it’s the “Beginning SEO Podcast“, it sticks to fundamentals and doesn’t venture too far […]...
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How well does the Google algo catch spamdexers?

First off, I’m not picking on Google. I’m not, okay? I’m just puzzled, and so I’m asking some questions. For all the talk lately about how awesome the algo has become at catching and stopping duplicate content, determining a site’s overall theme, evaluate (and factor in) the quality of the links, etc. I’ve come across […]...

Allusions of Grandeur

I saw Rand in the lounge at the Hilton yesterday at SES and it prompted me to start telling a friend about a link I got from the SEOMoz blog to my blog. Somehow “what anchor text does the link have?” came up and I chuckled and said, “It’s just the word alluded.” So out […]...