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Omaha, SEO 101, and other misc stuff

Alrighty, friends and neighbors. Here’s what’s going on with me as of 1:25p, Thursday, July 19. I’m in Omaha meeting with our consultants to wrap up development and bug squashing on our new site. Finally got the connectivity issues squared away, so I now have access to IRC (to chat on the chatroom), and […]...

Where’s Cshel?

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent from the blog lately. Work-work has been a little crazy, I’ve been working on some other projects on the side, plus we had a death in the family the week of July 4… so I’ve just been crazy busy and not able to find time to put together any […]...

Nerdiness Check: Supreme Nerd

So apparently, I’m a Supreme Nerd… and yet, somehow I suspect there are people out there, at this very moment, saying, “Dar. Ya think?” Scott Clark tagged me in a “Nerdiness Quiz” meme thing, so I felt compelled to take the quiz and show the world, that I am, in fact, not a nerd. Sadly, […]...

Cshel’s Google Search Activity by Trends

Barry Schwartz posted screen captures of his Google search activity today and tagged a few people to do the same, yours truly included. The quantity of my searches pale in comparison to Barry’s, but I think that might be because I make a point of logging out so things don’t get recorded, and also because […]...

Mostly healthy again, yay!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I got out of the hospital late on Saturday. They switched me off the intravenous antibiotics to a pill form, so they didn’t need to keep me. The ear is almost 100% better. I can hear again (yay!) and it’s not hot and doesn’t hurt (also yay!). No […]...