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Chicago SEO Web DevelopmentYour website should not be something just thrown together, nor should it be trusted to your 12 year old nephew (even if he is a “Web 2.0 ninja”, according to your sister).

Your web presence is your business as the Internet sees it, and it needs to reflect your company’s style, attitude and corporate philosophy. Your website also needs to show up in the search results — preferably high in the SERPs.

And don’t forget about the special needs of existing websites that need an update or an overhaul… You can’t just dive into the rebuild without knowing what rankings you have, what links you have, what content is worth keeping, what content is worth ditching, and how to preserve all of your authority and forward momentum through the relaunch and beyond.

How we help you look good and rank well…

  • Choose the right development platform for your needs and skill level. There’s no point in building you a site that you can’t update/maintain (or worse… one that is so complicated or obscure that you can’t even hire anyone that knows how to operate it). That’s no bueno. We’ll help you decide which platform is the best fit for you.
  • Design and refine a slick theme/user interface (UI). We’ve got just two things to say for this bullet — “You only get one chance to make a good first impression” and “Don’t make it hard for the customer to give you their money.”
  • Choose the best domain name to use for your new site. If it’s a brand new site and you don’t already have a domain, this is important because once you have a domain and you invest time and energy into building it up and marketing it, you really really don’t want to switch away from it later unless there is a truly compelling reason. If you already have a domain in use, we can tell you if a new domain is going to hurt you or help you. Either way, you need the facts before you can make a decision like that.
  • Develop an SEO strategy that will accomplish your goals and fit within your time and budget constraints. If you had unlimited funds, you could definitely have a fancy-schmancy website with all the bells and whistles and built in SEO or on page text be damned… you can always spend a ton of money on PPC and be done with it. Chances are, you don’t have unlimited funds, and you don’t want to spend money on traffic that you could be attracting organically if your site is built correctly.

Web development packages start at $2500.

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